Loft Ladders

Clearly a hugely common search item for our home-based customers, it's crucial that before buying any new set of loft ladders, you have worked out the exact measurements for, not only the height of the drop from your loft hatch to the floor, but also the dimensions of the actual loft hatch too. If you get these measurements right, there's nothing to stop you painlessly and successfully installing a set of loft ladders yourself.

Another thing to think about is how often you're going to be using your loft ladder.

We know many of our customers have converted their lofts into dens either for the children or as offices, and whilst you haven't gone the full way and installed a set of stairs, you do need a good quality ser of hard wearing loft ladders, designed for regular use.

Our Deluxe loft ladders offer the perfect answer to those requirements or if your loft only really gets used when the decorations come down for Christmas, you may want to consider our Easiway loft ladder, designed for occasional use.

All our loft ladders come with FREE DELIVERY so if you have lofty ambitions it's time your browsed our full range.

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