Extension Ladders

Popular amongst homeowners, DIY enthusiasts and window cleaners, the extension ladder is the most commonly used ladder for accessing the tops of houses, roofs and eaves.

The best piece of advice we can give, when considering which model of extension ladder to buy, is to keep in mind how much height you are going to need. Your current job might just need to give you access to a first floor window, but the next one might need roof access and the one after that might require you to reach the eaves.

Plan ahead now. You don't want to be buying a new set of extension ladders each time a tile blows off the roof.

Remember that ideally your extension ladder should always run a few rungs over the top of the level you need to be at. This adds an element of safety, providing better balance.

We've got many extension ladder products on offer and can cater to the general domestic user with our Aluminium 3 Way Household Ladder and the regular trade user with the Industrial 500.

Don't forget, all our prices include FREE DELIVERY.

Take a look through our entire range of extension ladders now.

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